Techie talk

I’ve added WPtouch skin to this blog for mobile reading. It supports automatically iPhone, iPod Touch and Android mobile devices and views this blog in a very efficient, cool and fast mobile look. I absolutely love it!

I’m also writing this with my new iPhone with the mobile WordPress app. It’s is a bit rough, could look a lot nicer but seems to do the job. Perfect, finally mobile blogging! Expect a lot more updates soon! :o)


Nokia E61i


Santa gave me a Nokia E61i smartphone. I’ve been waiting for ages for a small smartphone with QWERTY keyboard. Finally there’s something that fits my shirt pocket and can keep me connected to my email, www, ssh and irc where ever I am. Speedy connections over EDGE networks or Wi-Fi keeps me always hooked up to the net.

Most amazing thing is how fast this Symbian OS is. Applications opens up instantly unlike with M$ crap. It’s also an excellent phone as a great PDA. At home I’m using my old powerbooks Wi-Fi antenna as an access point for it. What a great truly portable net device.

Nokia E61i - highly recommend it!

Ultimate gift?

Christmas comes earlier this year, or so it always seems. Looking for gifts already? I think this 24K Gold Macbook Pro from Computer Choppers could be one of the ultimate gifts? What do you think?

Gold Macbook Pro

Ok, time for a techie post for a change. Today I spent most of my work time adding CPU-, IO-boards and PCI card components to my favourite box, my baby, the SunFire 15K, a high-level Solaris-based server designed to complete with mainframes and other high-end servers. The Sun Fire 15K server has a baseline configuration of 106 processors, 576 gigabytes of RAM, and 18 I/O hubs for networking and storage connectivity, making it the world’s largest single-cabinet UNIX server system. Good fun to do the hardware installation first and next few weeks I’ll be setting up the new domains (hosts), Sun Cluster SW, networking and all the other bits and pieces. Nice day in the office, for a change. Long Live Unix! :D

SunFire 15K
Photo of my baby