May 2005

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Ok, time for a techie post for a change. Today I spent most of my work time adding CPU-, IO-boards and PCI card components to my favourite box, my baby, the SunFire 15K, a high-level Solaris-based server designed to complete with mainframes and other high-end servers. The Sun Fire 15K server has a baseline configuration of 106 processors, 576 gigabytes of RAM, and 18 I/O hubs for networking and storage connectivity, making it the world’s largest single-cabinet UNIX server system. Good fun to do the hardware installation first and next few weeks I’ll be setting up the new domains (hosts), Sun Cluster SW, networking and all the other bits and pieces. Nice day in the office, for a change. Long Live Unix! :D

SunFire 15K
Photo of my baby

Yesterday was a bankholiday, I didn’t know what to do, so I took off to the airport once again to shoot some planes with my camera! Nice weather, lots of people enjoying their holiday on the visitors terrace. Here’s some photos of Boeing 747’s and some other airliners I took.



Still nice and sunny. Took a walk at the river after lunch and shot a bunch of photos with my new circular polarizer filter. It gives nice effects darkening the sky and removing the reflections of water.

Skyline at noon
Frankfurt am Main at midday.


What a beautiful and sunny morning with clear sky. I grabbed my camera with me and walked slowly to work enjoying the sunshine.

Frankfurt Morning
Morning at the river.

Yesterday was a nice and sunny day. Watching planes go by from my office window, I thought let’s go to the airport and shoot some photographs of planes. I’ve never been photographing planes, but damn it was good fun! Those things move fast, so you got to be quick! At Frankfurt airport there is a nice visitors terrace, which you can enter for a 3€ entrance fee. There’s a good view all around the airport from there. Here are some of the photos I shot there:

Thai Airways Jumbo about to land
Thai Airways 747-400 about to land.