December 2007

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Nokia E61i


Santa gave me a Nokia E61i smartphone. I’ve been waiting for ages for a small smartphone with QWERTY keyboard. Finally there’s something that fits my shirt pocket and can keep me connected to my email, www, ssh and irc where ever I am. Speedy connections over EDGE networks or Wi-Fi keeps me always hooked up to the net.

Most amazing thing is how fast this Symbian OS is. Applications opens up instantly unlike with M$ crap. It’s also an excellent phone as a great PDA. At home I’m using my old powerbooks Wi-Fi antenna as an access point for it. What a great truly portable net device.

Nokia E61i - highly recommend it!

Traditional Christmas food in Germany

This is one of the traditional German Christmas dishes - Roast goose served with red cabbage, dumplings (Klöße ), gravy and sometimes even with glazed chestnuts as shown in the picture above. Absolutely lovely dish. You’ll find it in most restaurants in November-December time. I took the lousy pic above with my mobile phone at our staff restaurant. The Klöße is something lots of foreigners can’t seem to handle. They say they are too slimy or rubbery. Well, I’d say get used to them. They are very nice but extremely heavy and concentrated food. Not for the faint hearted. The goose is just lovely. It could be duck as well.

This dish is being considered a traditional Christmas dish, but is it? I’ve been trying to find out what German families eat on Christmas day. It seems it’s not just roast goose or duck but it could be pretty much anything from sausages and potato salad to fish or beef.

And what about the beverages? For me a good pint of beer like Hefeweizen or a Frankfurt local - Carolus Doppelbock - will do just fine for the Christmas dinner.