January 2008

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Sautéed reindeer

Happy New Year 2008!

I really enjoyed last night preparing most traditional Finnish dish, Sautéed reindeer - Poronkäristys, with my mates. We got some freshly frozen reindeer shoulder which we sliced up in thin slices and enjoyed it with lingonberry jam (cowberry preserve) and a lovely and buttery potato mash.


Ingredients are:

- frozen reindeer steak, back or shoulder
- butter (250gr)
- coarse sea salt
- black peppercorns
- bay leaves
- granulated onion
- one bottle of beer

Heat up a iron pot, melt the butter, add the meat, beer and spices and let it simmer on mild heat for 2-3 hours. Serve with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam.

If you ever visit Finnish Lapland, you must try it. Excellent dish.

Best wishes for 2008!