If you’re really hungry and you are visiting Frankfurt, I strongly suggest you visit restaurant Waldgeist. It’s a lovely beergarden style restaurant, 25min drive out of Frankfurt which servers the largest schnitzels I’ve ever seen! I’ve visited there recently and thought why not post few pics.

In the picture above you see my friend about to attack a one kilo schnitzel with pepper sauce and fries. That should satisfy even the biggest hunger. The great thing about this place is, that the portions are not only huge, but they are also incredibly tasty. It’s very rare these days to have both quality and quantity at the same time.

Obviously you can choose the size of your meals. They have small, normal, large and XXXXXL size dishes of just about anything you might expect in a German style restaurant.

If you’re not into schnitzels, they also serve extremely tasty and incredibly huge hamburgers! Another good thing is, they are open every day!

Restaurant Waldgeist
SchloƟstr. 70
65719 Hofheim

Waldgeist website

Bon appetit!

  1. Nanny Ogg’s avatar

    Yep, the food there IS good - but a “normal” portion would be 1/4 of that schnitzel ;) I once ordered a 1/2 portion and had to take about half of it home in a doggy-bag…