Sautéed reindeer

Happy New Year 2008!

I really enjoyed last night preparing most traditional Finnish dish, Sautéed reindeer - Poronkäristys, with my mates. We got some freshly frozen reindeer shoulder which we sliced up in thin slices and enjoyed it with lingonberry jam (cowberry preserve) and a lovely and buttery potato mash.


Ingredients are:

- frozen reindeer steak, back or shoulder
- butter (250gr)
- coarse sea salt
- black peppercorns
- bay leaves
- granulated onion
- one bottle of beer

Heat up a iron pot, melt the butter, add the meat, beer and spices and let it simmer on mild heat for 2-3 hours. Serve with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam.

If you ever visit Finnish Lapland, you must try it. Excellent dish.

Best wishes for 2008!


  1. Akksi’s avatar

    Olipa hyvä että löyty valmiiks käännettynä englanniks ni ei tarvinnu ite kääntää, riitti ku laitoin linkin italialaiselle kaverille :)

  2. Frank’s avatar

    I enjoyed this fine meal as well - but that´s already 10 years ago…. :-(

  3. maxwell’s avatar

    That looks hella good.

  4. Stedders’s avatar

    I had this for New Years day dinner (01/01/2009) at Hotelli Jeris North West Lapland and found it an excellent meal. I would recommend trying Sautéed reindeer as Reindeer has a better flavour than any Venison I have tried. Also from the Ala Carte menu is Reindeer steak which my friend’s son ordered. I tasted a piece of the steak which was perfectly cooked. We were told that that the Reindeer steak was very tender and could be cut with a spoon, although the steak was cooked as rare my friend’s son took delight in proving this was true!