D-LUX 4 case

There is an optional case for Leica D-LUX 4, which can be purchased separately either in black or brown. Before I pulled the trigger on the Leica, I had no idea how the case actually worked. There was hardly any pics available of the case open.

I must say I’m more than happy with the case. It’s absolutely beautiful, protects the camera well and it’s very easy to open and close. Well worth the money. Here’s a few pics of it.

Leica brown case

Leica brown case

Black or brown? Looking at vintage Leica’s, the case used to be always brown, so that was an easy decision.

Case open

Leica brown case

Leica and the case

Leica brown case

  1. Haydee’s avatar

    Hei Ahti!

    Halusin vain sanoa, että kuvasi ovat aivan uskomattoman hienoja! Todella vaikuttavia!

    Hyvää alkanutta vuotta sinulle sinne Frankfurtiin! :)

  2. rogercmc’s avatar

    Will the d-lux 4, when attached to the hand grip, fit inside this case?