Traditional Christmas food in Germany

This is one of the traditional German Christmas dishes - Roast goose served with red cabbage, dumplings (Klöße ), gravy and sometimes even with glazed chestnuts as shown in the picture above. Absolutely lovely dish. You’ll find it in most restaurants in November-December time. I took the lousy pic above with my mobile phone at our staff restaurant. The Klöße is something lots of foreigners can’t seem to handle. They say they are too slimy or rubbery. Well, I’d say get used to them. They are very nice but extremely heavy and concentrated food. Not for the faint hearted. The goose is just lovely. It could be duck as well.

This dish is being considered a traditional Christmas dish, but is it? I’ve been trying to find out what German families eat on Christmas day. It seems it’s not just roast goose or duck but it could be pretty much anything from sausages and potato salad to fish or beef.

And what about the beverages? For me a good pint of beer like Hefeweizen or a Frankfurt local - Carolus Doppelbock - will do just fine for the Christmas dinner.

Christmas Market

xmas market

By the end of the month Frankfurt Christmas Market will open again. It’s a good place to find some stocking-fillers while munching on various wursts, cookies, crepes and of course enjoying some lovely Glühwein (mulled wine) from the various stands. You will find the Christmas Market at the Römerberg Square, the old town in the middle of Frankfurt am Main center.

Frankfurt Christmas Market will be open from 26th of November until 22nd of December. See you there!


If you’re really hungry and you are visiting Frankfurt, I strongly suggest you visit restaurant Waldgeist. It’s a lovely beergarden style restaurant, 25min drive out of Frankfurt which servers the largest schnitzels I’ve ever seen! I’ve visited there recently and thought why not post few pics.

In the picture above you see my friend about to attack a one kilo schnitzel with pepper sauce and fries. That should satisfy even the biggest hunger. The great thing about this place is, that the portions are not only huge, but they are also incredibly tasty. It’s very rare these days to have both quality and quantity at the same time.

Obviously you can choose the size of your meals. They have small, normal, large and XXXXXL size dishes of just about anything you might expect in a German style restaurant.

If you’re not into schnitzels, they also serve extremely tasty and incredibly huge hamburgers! Another good thing is, they are open every day!

Restaurant Waldgeist
Schloßstr. 70
65719 Hofheim

Waldgeist website

Bon appetit!

During the last week in October, there’s a touch of magic in the air as the 38th Frankfurt Jazz Festival takes place at the Hessicher Rundfunk Broadcast Studios. Frankfurt Jazz Festival is one of the longest-running and most well-respected Jazz events in Europe. Highlights include Otis Taylor and Skip McDonald’s “Little Axe” featuring Doug Wimbish and a couple of big bands, one featuring Jack Bruce on bass and vocals, the other featuring tenor saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis. Check out the festival website for program listings etc.

Frankfurt Book Fair opens again this week. Guest of Honour this year is the Catalan Culture.

There are plenty of interesting forums, speeches etc. Google will have again a presentation on Wednesday about how to promote your books on Google for free.

More information at the Book Fair website.

Ultimate gift?

Christmas comes earlier this year, or so it always seems. Looking for gifts already? I think this 24K Gold Macbook Pro from Computer Choppers could be one of the ultimate gifts? What do you think?

Gold Macbook Pro

Sisu-Radio 10 Years!

Hmm, it’s been over 2 years since last update! It’s funny how time flies when you’re having fun. So what’s been going on? All kinds of stuff, but I’m not going to bore you with that. Let’s focus on recent stuff instead. Last month Finnish radio broadcast Sisu-Radio celebrated it’s 10 years birthday. Great party was held in Frankfurt with lots of dancing and great Finnish food and drinks. There’s another Finnish dance event coming up first of November. More information on Sisu-Radio homepage.

Move yourself!
Dancing all night long!

DJ’s Busy
DJ’s playing some mad grooves!


My friend took me last Sunday for a flight from Frankfurt to Koblenz for a cup of coffee. We hired a Cessna 172 plane from Egelsbach airport and took it up for a spinn. Beautiful day for some aviation pictures. Here are some photos I took during the flight and from the airports.

Landscape from the air
German landscape from 4500 feet

I’ve been too busy working lately. However, better update late than never. Highlight of my weekend two weeks ago was, when I wen’t to Oppenheim Flugtag - a nice airshow by river Rhein about 40 minutes drive from Frankfurt. Hot summer day with roaring engines. Here’s some photos I shot from there.

Spinning, spinning, spinning…

Ok, time for a techie post for a change. Today I spent most of my work time adding CPU-, IO-boards and PCI card components to my favourite box, my baby, the SunFire 15K, a high-level Solaris-based server designed to complete with mainframes and other high-end servers. The Sun Fire 15K server has a baseline configuration of 106 processors, 576 gigabytes of RAM, and 18 I/O hubs for networking and storage connectivity, making it the world’s largest single-cabinet UNIX server system. Good fun to do the hardware installation first and next few weeks I’ll be setting up the new domains (hosts), Sun Cluster SW, networking and all the other bits and pieces. Nice day in the office, for a change. Long Live Unix! :D

SunFire 15K
Photo of my baby

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